Granada, Spain for 2 months


After living in Granada for almost two weeks now I decided to add a blog to accompany my Youtube Vlog to provide a deeper explanation and understanding for my viewers of my experiences in Spain. Why Spain you may ask? I have been studying Spanish for 2.5 years and wanted to immerse myself more fully in the Spanish language and culture. I run my own online business, and have the flexibility (in theory) to work from anywhere in the world. After spending last summer in Buenos Aires, I wanted to see how Spain matches up. I convinced my girlfriend Adriana (from Mexico) to join me for the adventure. She is key to ensuring that I stay immersed in the Spanish language. The task has been difficult for her as she speaks English well and we keep defaulting to it.

Here is the Vlog I created about our apartment (750 euros a month via AirBnB) and a little tour of our neighborhood,the Albaicin, situated in the old Moorish quarter, which offers a real Middle Eastern charm for its inhabitants. Watch the video for more, including a great view of the Alhambra.



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