Two Nights in Sevilla

Adriana and I just returned from a short stay in Sevilla (Seville in English). We thought the city was beautiful, although we are happy to be living in Granada for the majority of our stay. We took a couple of free tours with Sevilla Free Tours and we do recommend them. The weather was gorgeous, and I intentionally timed our trip around a cooler set of days as Sevilla is one of the hottest cities in Spain.

While the tapas are not free we did stumble upon an awesome restaurant thanks to It was on the other side of the river seperating the more “touristy” center from the more local barrio (Triana). The views are incredible and it is worth a night of just strolling along the river.

Here is the restaurant that served us perhaps our best night of tapas in Spain:

Try to find my review if you can. We were pretty stuffed for about sixteen euros a person and that included two glasses of iced summer wine each. I am attaching the corresponding vlog if you want to see my Spanish skills put to the test as well as some great shots of the city.

Summer Wine in Sevilla
Summer Wine in Sevilla


Typical architecture
Typical architecture



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