Nerja (Fun, Sun, and Paella)



Location, location, location. One of the reasons we picked Granada as our base for our two-months in Spain was exactly that. It is located about an hour north of some great beaches, and I had my eye on Nerja for a long time.

We ended up spending two incredible nights there, staying at an Airbnb with a local woman who provided us both breakfast and dinner. I have stayed at many Airbnb’s over the years, but never one that offered you TWO meals.  This culminated in our final night, where I helped her prepare the best paella I’ve ever eaten (see video/photos for proof).

The beaches were very beautiful and more importantly not over crowded. June is still considered the off-season in Southern Spain, but with the water temperature at about seventy degrees I could not tell. There are five beaches near the center of Nerja and for our vlog we picked what I considered the most beautiful one. You can rent beach chair/umbrellas for four euros and save them for the entire day.

Our favorite activity during our short trip was kayaking. For only eleven euros, we shared a tandem kayak and managed to explore an empty cave in the process. That was worth the price of admission alone and great exercise after all the seafood and wine we consumed.

On our final day we took a short local bus to Frigliana. It is a tiny town located about fifteen minutes from Nerja. You only need an hour or two to explore it. Once you discover the Moorish white homes on the hills overlooking the sea , your camera will thank you for it.

I am posting some pictures and the corresponding vlog below. Please do subscribe to it if you want to keep up with our adventures in Spain/Europe. Any comments would also be appreciated.



Homemade Paella


Kayaking inside a cave


Old man and the sea

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