Cabo de Gata (Spain’s best kept secret?)


There are places you visit that are so different and unique, that you never forget them. Cabo de Gata is one such place. I was seeking an out of the way destination for Adriana’s birthday, with plenty of out door activities and of course a beach.  It is just two hours east of Granada by car, on the Southeastern coast of Spain. It is the only hot desert climate in all of Europe. It turned out to be an amazing choice.

At times, we really felt like we had the whole national park to ourselves. We stayed at a great hotel (Villa Maltes) which  was located just a few kilometers from the beach side town of San Jose.  It served as a great base, as a majority of the beaches were reachable within twenty minutes. The rooms were gigantic and each was their own private villa with outdoor space. For about eighty euros a night, I thought it was a fantastic deal. Check out my vlog if you want to see more of it.

The beaches in Cabo de Gata were some of the most pristine that I have ever seen. You will not find shops, restaurants, or vendors on most of them (the ones on little villages are the exceptions). You would be lucky to even find a public bathroom. But that adds to the charm, as you may only have a handful of other sun worshipers alongside you. Bring your own umbrellas, food and drinks.  Some of our favorite stops included Monsul beach, where a scene from Indiana Jones was filmed and Playazo where an old fortress lies undisturbed in the distance.

If you are looking for a vacation outside of the big cities of Spain and want to really get away, Cabo de Gata is the perfect choice. You can kayak, bike ride, sail or just enjoy the dry desert heat next to turquoise water.  We spent four nights there and could have easily spent four more. It is still not super popular. Do not spread the word to much, I might want to re-visit one day and hope to find it just as peaceful.

Watch my vlog for more of our experiences in Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Hit subscribe to stay up to date on the rest of our adventures and travel tips.


Braving 40 MPH winds biking


Where the desert meets the sea.


View after a long hike.


A typical desert sunset.


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