What are the Best Travel Apps?

I have compiled a list of what I believe are the most essential travel apps. For an application to make this list, it needs to be usable in ANY country. If you have suggestions for other apps that I did not mention, please comment below.

In alphabetical order:


I prefer staying in apartments over hotels due to space and the ability to stay in different neighborhoods not often accessible to hotels. See my blog/Youtube video on my five favorite tips below.

This application is awesome for meeting friends while traveling. Simply log-in and post in the city that you will be visiting, look up local meetings, or message members directly for advice or to grab a beer.

Google Hangouts:Hangouts

This app is a must have for Americans or Canadians. You can call any phone number in the U.S.A. or Canada for free from your google account. The quality is not awful, so forget about calling cards or skype credits on the next backpacking trip.

Google TranslateGoogleTranslate

This app is not just for lazy high school Spanish students anymore. The application has an amazing feature where you can insert a photo of a live object onto your screen and see a real time translation (essential for menus in a foreign country).

Globe ConvertConverter

The “Swiss Army Knife” of conversion apps. Do you need a money conversion, curious what 40 degrees Celsius is in New York, or need to figure out much you are bench pressing? This app has you covered.


I love this application for hopping between countries in Europe. You can type in your origin and see how much a flight costs to any other country in the world, in order of price. If you are flexible you can get some awesome deals.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? I challenge you to find a review app that is in as many countries. It might not be the “hippest” app anymore, but that does not make it any less useful. I have used it for restaurant reviews in just about every country I have ever visited.


Viber is my favorite for calling your friends who have international phone numbers. The connection sounds better than a normal call. And the best part: it is absolutely free.


This may the most popular app that American’s have never heard of. This is a free texting service using your own phone number to any other phone in the world that has it. It is so easy to use and so widespread, you need to download it right now.


Are the guests in the next room at your hotel in Istanbul throwing a party? Is loud traffic keeping you awake at night in London? Whitenoise is where you need to turn. It has more than ten different sounds to help drown out any unwanted noise on your travels and help you catch some shuteye in time for that morning walking tour.


Check out the Youtube Video if you want to see some of the applications in action:


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