Top 5 Reasons to Visit Granada, Spain



I’m leaving Granada in a couple of days and after being a short term resident of two months, I decided now would be the time to tell you the top FIVE reasons to visit.

5) Location: This actually factored into my original decision to come here. The area is surrounded by cute little villages and just an hour from some very nice beaches.

4) The Albaicin Barrio: This is likely the Granada, Spain you have seen in photos online. The old Moorish quarter (where we lived) is full of charm and Middle Eastern influence. Meander around Calle Elvira to sample some delicious tea, sweets and shisha!

3)Nature: Granada is a dream for lovers of the outdoors. You get plenty of sunshine and their are a plethora of hiking/biking and other adventurous opportunities just minutes away from town.

2) The Views: Granada is blessed with gorgeous views of the mountains and of course its most famous site, “The Alhambra.”

1) Free Tapas: Their are few cities left in Spain that mandate you get free tapas (small bites) with every single drink. Some bars/restaurants give you tapas so large that two or three drinks would easily cover an entire meal. You should not be paying a lot to eat in Granada. (Tips: Al Sur de Granada and Big Tapas, were my two favorites).

For the tips in video form, see the Youtube video below. Next stop is Switzerland for six nights!



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