Cheap and Free Summer Activities in New York City!!

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I have been home a couple of weeks now and will turn my attention towards my city, New York. Are you visiting, or are you also a resident “New Yorker”. This place has so much to offer you either way and if you know where to go, it does not have to cost you much.

On the latest vlog, my twin brother (Alan) and I partake in two activities, free kayaking and mini-golf.

1. Free Kayaking

I have kayaked many times but it was my twin brother’s first attempt. I decided a twenty-minute trip on the Hudson would be a fun first experience. After waiting about 15 minutes (I recommend you go at 6 PM on weekdays, as the biggest crowds come at opening) we signed a waiver. Then, we stowed our valuables in free lockers and proceeded to the kayaks. They have a class at 6 PM but being the expert kayaker that I am, we went sans assistance. I managed to capture some great video footage while Alan learned how to steer the little boat. The views of both Manhattan and New Jersey are amazing and I highly recommend this activity.

2. Pier 25 Mini-Golf-

For the cost of only $6.00 per person, you get to play at the only mini-golf course in Manhattan. Unlike, other recreational locations in NYC (like Lucky Strikes), this is an incredible value. Their are 18 holes and I managed to knock the ball off at least 4 of them. We arrived at about 6:30 PM on a Wednesday and it was not crowded. This would make for a great date or group activity with some friends.

We are going to continue supplying budget ideas for New York, as well as explore some interesting neighborhoods. It is all coming up… so stay tuned.


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