Rosarito Beach, Mexico- Party In Baja?

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I visited my parents this past week in Oceanside (North of San Diego), California. I really wanted to cross the border into Mexico, and we decided to visit a classic beach town called Rosarito.

Crossing the border was very painless. If you walk across the border at San Ysidro, you do have to go through Mexican Immigration, so bring your passport. After clearing that, be prepared to be hounded by 100 taxi drivers. We attempted to call an Uber at the TJ Border Pickup spot, but the driver never showed. You’ll need to suck it up and spend $25 on a taxi to Rosarito. You can easily Uber back to the border though.

As for Rosarito itself, I recommend it for the food, but not much more. I found it a touristy beach town, full of Americans from Southern California. Check out the vlog, for specifics of where we went. I actually recommend Tijuana, much more for a night out (we spent Saturday there). That will be the subject of a future video!

BONUS TIP: If you have a Global Entry Card, be sure to take the physical card with you to Mexico. On the way back, we cut an hours long line by going directly to the Sentri Lane. You may not be able to tell that it is open, because the lines snake together but be sure to send at least one person to the front to check if it is available. We wasted 45 minutes just standing around.


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