Playa Del Carmen- Cheap Day Trip to the Cenotes (Natural Pools)!


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Playa Del Carmen is a lot more expensive than the rest of Mexico. But their are cheap activities and fun to be had! Check out this vlog for a great day trip you can do, which includes transportation, admission, and the opportunity to swim in crystal clear water for only $8.00!

Havana A Good Time in Cuba 2017?


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Come explore the Cuban capital city of Havana! We travel around the charming district of Vedado ,ride in collective taxis, eat at cheap restaurants, and find some amazing salsa music. This is the final vlog in my four-part American in Cuba series. Leave any questions about Cuba Travel below.

Best Beach in Cuba?

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Where is the best beach in Cuba? I explore a little known place named Playa Maria Aguilar just outside of Trinidad. The sunset was incredible and worth watching this video for alone. This is the third of our four-part American in Cuba vlog series! Hope you enjoy.

World’s Cheapest Michelin Rated Restaurant Hits up NYC!


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Tim Ho Wan has just opened up its doors in Manhattan, and the hype has been insane. The World’s cheapest Michelin rated restaurant (with the maximum plate at $5.50) has created a mega buzz in New York City. Is Hong Kong’s top Dim Sum chain worth the wait? Come find out.

Little Manila- The Filipino Neighborhood of NYC!


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This week we explore Little Manila, the Filipino neighborhood of New York City. It’s quite an adventure, as the locals know how to make great food! Come find out, why this is one of New York City’s hidden gems!

Jackson Heights- Best Ethnic Food in NYC?


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Does Jackson Heights, Queens have the best ethnic food in NYC? You can find cuisine from all corners of the earth in Queens, and Jackson Heights is certainly a foodie’s paradise. Come explore it with Joe DiStefano an NYC Food Blogger and myself in this week’s episode.

Bay Ridge- A Slice of Brooklyn

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Have you ever heard of Bay Ridge, in south western Brooklyn? This neighborhood was made famous by the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and it still retains much of it’s classical charm. We get a little Tony Manero and explore this fun part of Brooklyn, that has a lot going on.

Best Way to Learn Spanish for Travel?


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Are you looking to communicate with Spanish speakers on your next trip? I have studied for 2.5 years online and my level has improved so much. Check out this method that I use from home to improve both my speaking and listening skills in Spanish. This will make your next trip to Latin America or Spain that much more fulfilling!

How to Get Into Airport Lounges + Tour

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Do you hate long layovers at the airport? What if I told you their were places you could go to relax and enjoy free food/drink/and alcohol for as long as you need them? Airport Lounges are something every avid traveler knows about, and they are not as hard to get into as you would think. Check out this tips video for my best method about avoiding the crowds and relaxing before you fly.