MY FIRST DJi Mavic Pro Drone Experience (Flying on the Coast!!!)

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I finally bought a DJi Mavic Pro Drone and decided to take it out for its first flight in coastal Connecticut with my friend. I vlog the experience, from Grand Central Station up the coast to Bridgeport, CT. Find out if flying a DJI Mavic Pro, is as easy as they say ? Also, a few special appearances by Steve the Bengal Cat, who is quite the character ! Be sure to subscribe to see this drone in action more, and leave me a comment to tell me if you thought the footage of the coast came out well or if you have any pointers on getting more cinematic footage.

How to Hook Your Audience ? (Vlogging Tips)


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Do you want to know how to  make better vlogs ? In this vlogging tips video, I talk about one of the most over-looked yet important YouTube analytics that will help you improve your videos. Once you figure this out, you will have an easier time growing your vlog channel and connecting with your audience ! Leave me a comment, letting me know if this video helped you and if I should continue making this sort of content on the side !

Smallest Museum in New York City !!


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New York City has the biggest personality and biggest buildings, but what about visiting its smallest museum? We head to Chinatown, and find an alleyway which houses Mmuseumm, a two part museum billed as, “the smallest in New York City.” We explore this quirky place which houses such odd items as: 1) A bible that was hit by 3 bullets 2) A selfie-stick struck by lighthing 3) Donald Trump’s Hair Gel . Find out why this small palce is one of the coolest things to do when you travel to New York ! Don’t forget to subscribe for more adventures from the Big Apple and around the world .

How I Became a Travel Vlogger (My Crazy Story)


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Thank you to the over 3,000 subscribers who have joined me on my journey on my Youtube channel and on my website. As a thanks to you, I wanted to share how my path led me to Youtube, and travel vlogging. From my beginnings as a radio broadcaster, to meeting the oldest man in the world , and even surviving a gunshot wound, join me as I take you through my crazy adventure. How I fell in love with travel, travel hacking, and started travel vlogging. And where I hope my journey will lead us in the future. I hope you all enjoy my story.