WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

This is one of the most unique guest houses I’ve ever come across!! Join us as we stay at an off the grid guesthouse in the Ka’u region of Hawaii . This is about as remote as you can get on the Big Island, as the terrain is literally on volcanic rock and could pass for Mars. We’ll explore how sustainable living works (solar power and wind turbines), take a hike to a hidden white sand beach (Pohue Bay), and even show you around the home brewery that is attached to the guesthouse . If you want to stay at the Ocean View Bed and Brew, I’m attaching a link below. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications so you don’t miss anything in the Hawaii Life Series .



WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

We finally try out our first really adventerous activity in Hilo, as we go ziplining over the jungle with Kapohokine Adventures. Are they the best ziplining tour on the Big Island for your Hawaii vacation.. you’ll have to watch the vlog to find out ! Zip lining is one of the best ways to see all of the nature Hawaii has to offer, from a birds eye view. The tour also included a barbecue lunch and the first time I’ve ever seen a private waterfall. If you’d like to take the same tour, i’m attaching links below to Kapohokine Adventures. Be sure to subscribe for more from the Big Island in the next couple of weeks .

Finding SECRET Waterfalls in Hilo, Hawaii ðŸŒ´


WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

What started out as a pretty boring day, going to touristy waterfalls in Hilo, Hawaii, led us on an adventure to find secret waterfalls (called Narnia) outside of town ! We managed to get some amazing drone shots with our DJi Mavic Pro as well, maybe some of the best I’ve ever captured. Join us on this adventure, as we venture from Rainbow Falls to Boiling Pots and beyond, and see another side to Hilo, Hawaii. Be sure to subscribe and click that bell icon below to turn on notifications so you don’t miss anything from the Hawaii Life vlog series. Much more to come !

A Day at the Hilo Farmers Market (Hawaii’s Best Value ) ðŸŒ´


WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

Let’s explore one of the Big Island of Hawaii’s best values, the Hilo Farmers market. You can buy anything here from dragonfruit to volcanic rock! This market brings together over 200 vendors selling all sorts of quirky gifts. This is a MUST visit if you come to the Hilo area on your Hawaii vacation. The Hilo Farmers Market is largest on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s . Make sure to subscribe and turn on notficiations so you don’t miss out of anything from the Hawaii Life Playlist.

🌊 Hawaii Life- Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hilo (The Big Island) !


WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

Join us for more of the Hawaii life on our first beach day in Hilo, as we encounter some sea turtles, which are quite common to the Big Island. I also present a couple of cost saving moves, to make a trip to the ocean bit more affordable while in Hawaii. This beach is called Carlsmith Beach Park or 4 Mile Beach. Remember to stay at least 5 feet from any sea turtle, no matter how friendly they are!

🌊 Our Apartment on the Water in Hilo, Hawaii !! (The Big Island)


WANT $40.00 off your first Airbnb stay?

Are you curious how much it would cost to rent an apartment and live in a place like Hilo, Hawaii ? We show you around our monthly rental in Hilo, on the Big Island that has some amazing views of the surrounding Bay and Ocean . I talk about how I went about finding the apartment and exactly how much it costs. Find out where we’re staying, as we settle in for one month on the Big Island, with Hilo as our Hawaii base.

Pin the Map Travel Vlogger Challenge ft. Romina ðŸ˜‚


Get $40 off your First Airbnb Stay

I team up with fellow Travel Vlogger Romina in a dual collaboration at VidCon 2017, where we see if we can locate 3 random U.S States.. while blindfolded and after three spins. This is the second half of the collaboration (link below for the first) where we dual it out on the East Coast states. One of us wins a great prize and travel vlogger bragging rights as the most geographically savvy. This is one fun collab you do not want to miss .