How Expensive is New York City ? – Travel Tips


We’ve discussed living cheap in NYC, but is it possible to travel cheap? In this vlog, I break down the most common costs you will incur on a trip to New York City.. from hotel, to food, to going out at night. I’ve got you covered. I hope this travel tips video helps you budget and provides a basic idea of what things you can do on your next trip to New York . Be sure to subscribe and check out my New York City playlist for even more ideas !

Hidden Places near Wall Street and Battery Park! (Things to do in New York City)

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Let’s use the Atlas Obscura to find some hidden and unusual spots in New York ! We explore the area around Wall Street and Battery Park to unearth some hidden gems. We start at the Elevated Acre, an urban oasis in the heart of the Financial District. We then proceed to an office building, that has a lot more going with it then meets the eye. Afterwards, we proceed to Battery Park to ride one of Manhattan’s strangest Carousel’s, made of Sea Glass! Finally, we find what could be one of the oldest graffiti displays in New York City, perfectly preserved for over 40 years! This is a travel vlog you have to watch before visiting New York.

New York City Art Gallery Crawl (BEST FREE ACTIVITY!)

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Are you looking for a fun Thursday night activity (with free booze) in New York City? Try the Art Gallery Crawl, where you can experience many different galleries around Chelsea for free. It is one of New York’s best kept secrets.