How Expensive is New York City ? – Travel Tips


We’ve discussedΒ living cheap in NYC, but is it possible to travel cheap? In this vlog, I break down the most common costs you will incur on a trip to New York City.. from hotel, to food, to going out at night. I’ve got you covered. I hope this travel tips video helps you budget and provides a basic idea of what things you can do on your next trip to New York . Be sure to subscribe and check out my New York City playlist for even more ideas !

😝 INSANE 24-Hour Pancake House in Hilo (Hawaii Travel Guide)

We satisfy our pancake crave in Hilo, Hawaii by visiting the local cult favorite, Ken’s House Pancakes in the summer of 2017 . I was amazed to find a 24-hour diner on the Big Island. This restaurant is very unique, always super crowded and has a huge variety of food choices on top of their HUGE Pancakes. Find out why Ken’s Diner is one of the best restaurants on the Big Island and should be on your itinerary when you visit Hawaii . Did I mention that it’s frequented by professional wrestlers ?

Kayaking with Dolphins in Kona, Hawaii 🐬 πŸ‘Œ (Without a Tour Guide !!)

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We explore the Kona side of the Big Island in our summer of 2017 Hawaii series. In an attempt to avoid an expensive tour we don’t need, we decide to simply rent kayaks from a local company to try to find Dolphins at Kealakekua Bay ! Afterwards, we head back to town to eat authentic poke for the first time and then show you why Kona has one of the best sunsets in all of Hawaii Island. Make sure to subscribe and turn notifications on so you don’t miss anything from our Hawaii 2017 series .

🌊 Hawaii Life- Swimming with Sea Turtles in Hilo (The Big Island) !


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Join us for more of the Hawaii life on our first beach day in Hilo, as we encounter some sea turtles, which are quite common to the Big Island. I also present a couple of cost saving moves, to make a trip to the ocean bit more affordable while in Hawaii. This beach is called Carlsmith Beach Park or 4 Mile Beach. Remember to stay at least 5 feet from any sea turtle, no matter how friendly they are!

🌊 Our Apartment on the Water in Hilo, Hawaii !! (The Big Island)


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Are you curious how much it would cost to rent an apartment and live in a place like Hilo, Hawaii ? We show you around our monthly rental in Hilo, on the Big Island that has some amazing views of the surrounding Bay and Ocean . I talk about how I went about finding the apartment and exactly how much it costs. Find out where we’re staying, as we settle in for one month on the Big Island, with Hilo as our Hawaii base.

Our 4-Star Hotel Booked with Points πŸ˜€ !! (Hilton San Diego Gaslamp)


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We start our West-Coast/Hawaii Adventure in San Diego, and give you a tour of the 4-star Hilton Gaslamp Quarter which we booked entirely with Chase Reward Points. We then tackle the topic of Airbnbs vs Hotels, and why I would book one over the other. Be sure to subscribe for more travel tips and to keep up with the rest of the vlogs in California and Hawaii ! Learn how you can get upgraded rooms and other cool perks, just by having a few different credit cards (American Express Platinum/Chase Sapphire Reserve).

HOW TO SAVE THOUSANDS on Airline TicketsπŸ›« (Mistake Fares and Cheap Flights)

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Learn my secrets to save thousands of dollars on cheap international flights by monitoring the internet for error fares, mistake fares, and flight deals. In this video, I go into detail about two methods of travel hacking that keep me on top of all the best flight deals every single day. It only takes a few minutes and can lead to AMAZING savings and teach you how to find cheap flights once and for all. Be sure to subscribe to learn all of my travel tips and tricks, as well as to follow my vlog adventures around the world.


How I Became a Travel Vlogger (My Crazy Story)


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Thank you to the over 3,000 subscribers who have joined me on my journey on my Youtube channel and on my website. As a thanks to you, I wanted to share how my path led me to Youtube, and travel vlogging. From my beginnings as a radio broadcaster, to meeting the oldest man in the world , and even surviving a gunshot wound, join me as I take you through my crazy adventure. How I fell in love with travel, travel hacking, and started travel vlogging. And where I hope my journey will lead us in the future. I hope you all enjoy my story.


Top Ten Cuba Travel Tips 2017!


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Are you traveling to Cuba in 2017? Looking for some useful tips that will actually help you when you are there? Watch this travel video from my Youtube Channel and be sure to take some notes!

I also highly recommend this book by Mario Rizzi, for some amazing tips about Havana

2016 Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals!


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Are you looking to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals this week? I compiled a list on this video of some of my favorite offers coming up, from 90% an all-inclusive resort to some cheap flight specials. Plan ahead so you don’t miss out!