11 Things I Learned In One Year As A Vlogger On YouTube !


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I gained 7,000+ subscribers in 1 year as a Travel Vlogger on Youtube and talk about the 11 lessons I’ve learned. From what matters most to your audience, to some of the tips and tricks I wish I knew about how to grow a Youtube channel, this is a video that any new vlogger should watch. This video will give a different perspective to my subscribers about what it takes to actually grow a YouTube vlog if they are curious about beginning themselves. Let me know in the comments what you thought about the list and be sure to subscribe for travel vlogs + tips from around the world !

Our First Time At An Ice Bar !


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We fly to Orlando for my friend’s wedding and take you along for the ride, in this Daily Vlog style video ! Are you curious about airport lounges or expedited screening (TSA Precheck) ? We take you into the Delta Lounge and then surprise Adriana with her maiden voyage in First Class ! Afterwards, we tour our hotel room at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, and finally head for the Ice Bar on International Drive, which was quite a chilling experience. Check out a different style of video than I normally produce on this channel and let me know what you think about it in the comments.

How I Became a Travel Vlogger (My Crazy Story)


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Thank you to the over 3,000 subscribers who have joined me on my journey on my Youtube channel and on my website. As a thanks to you, I wanted to share how my path led me to Youtube, and travel vlogging. From my beginnings as a radio broadcaster, to meeting the oldest man in the world , and even surviving a gunshot wound, join me as I take you through my crazy adventure. How I fell in love with travel, travel hacking, and started travel vlogging. And where I hope my journey will lead us in the future. I hope you all enjoy my story.


Bay Ridge- A Slice of Brooklyn

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Have you ever heard of Bay Ridge, in south western Brooklyn? This neighborhood was made famous by the movie “Saturday Night Fever” and it still retains much of it’s classical charm. We get a little Tony Manero and explore this fun part of Brooklyn, that has a lot going on.

San Luis Potosi- The Real Mexico


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This is my final vlog from Mexico (on this trip). I had the chance to explore the colonial downtown of San Luis Potosi and I was very impressed. From trying native chocolates, talking to a local boy, and eating enchiladas potosinas, it was a day to remember. My friend and local guide Lalo was great as well. I hope you all can visit this fun city some day.

Cabo de Gata (Spain’s best kept secret?)


There are places you visit that are so different and unique, that you never forget them. Cabo de Gata is one such place. I was seeking an out of the way destination for Adriana’s birthday, with plenty of out door activities and of course a beach.  It is just two hours east of Granada by car, on the Southeastern coast of Spain. It is the only hot desert climate in all of Europe. It turned out to be an amazing choice.

At times, we really felt like we had the whole national park to ourselves. We stayed at a great hotel (Villa Maltes) which  was located just a few kilometers from the beach side town of San Jose.  It served as a great base, as a majority of the beaches were reachable within twenty minutes. The rooms were gigantic and each was their own private villa with outdoor space. For about eighty euros a night, I thought it was a fantastic deal. Check out my vlog if you want to see more of it.

The beaches in Cabo de Gata were some of the most pristine that I have ever seen. You will not find shops, restaurants, or vendors on most of them (the ones on little villages are the exceptions). You would be lucky to even find a public bathroom. But that adds to the charm, as you may only have a handful of other sun worshipers alongside you. Bring your own umbrellas, food and drinks.  Some of our favorite stops included Monsul beach, where a scene from Indiana Jones was filmed and Playazo where an old fortress lies undisturbed in the distance.

If you are looking for a vacation outside of the big cities of Spain and want to really get away, Cabo de Gata is the perfect choice. You can kayak, bike ride, sail or just enjoy the dry desert heat next to turquoise water.  We spent four nights there and could have easily spent four more. It is still not super popular. Do not spread the word to much, I might want to re-visit one day and hope to find it just as peaceful.

Watch my vlog for more of our experiences in Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Hit subscribe to stay up to date on the rest of our adventures and travel tips.


Braving 40 MPH winds biking


Where the desert meets the sea.


View after a long hike.


A typical desert sunset.

Tapas (How to Eat Spanish Food for Free in Granada)


On Friday night, we met up with our friend Fernando, a Granada local, to sample three different tapas restaurants. I heard that Granada was one of the only remaining Spanish cities that do not charge for tapas. The general idea is: order 1 drink and get 1 order of tapas. The value of the food, depends upon the bar that you go to. Not every spot is the same. Some will give you only pretzels and crackers. Others will have you stuffed after only two or three beers.  On this tour, my favorite food was the kebab from “Big Tapas.” The total cost after three stops was seven euros per person. For that I received: Three beers, stuffed chicken with french fries, a hamburger with french fries and a huge kebab. Watch the video if you want to get hungry and learn more.