Trying Jollibee in Little Manila, New York !


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I return to Little Manila in Queens, New York and finally visit Jollibee after many requests from my subscribers ! Adriana and I sample some of this Filipino Fast Food chain’s most notable dishes, such as the spaghetti, fried chicken and sliders. Find out if we think Jollibee is the best fast food in the United States ! I also announce the winner of my 1-Year YouTube Anniversary giveaway. Make sure to watch the entire episode to see who it was.

Valle de Bravo 2017- (Best Views in Mexico ? )


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We head to Valle De Bravo a quaint lakeside town about two hours south of Mexico City. Check out the amazing views from our AirBnb ! We then try ATV’ing for the first time and head to some awesome waterfalls. Finally, we walk around the colonial down town of Valle De Bravo and soak in its sites and sounds. Of course, we make time for some tacos! The vlog ends with an amazing sunset view of Valle De Bravo from our balcony and a timelapse you won’t soon forget!

Puebla- Mexico’s Most Historic City?

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Travel with us to Puebla, Mexico a city with more monuments than any other place in Latin America. This UNESCO World Heritage site is not only full of museums, cathedrals, and charming shops, but it has an amazing culinary scene! Find out why Puebla has Mexico’s reputation for having some of the best food in the country (including the world famous Mole Poblano). This is a weekend trip you do not want to miss, only two hours away from Mexico City !

Playa Del Carmen- Cheap Day Trip to the Cenotes (Natural Pools)!


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Playa Del Carmen is a lot more expensive than the rest of Mexico. But their are cheap activities and fun to be had! Check out this vlog for a great day trip you can do, which includes transportation, admission, and the opportunity to swim in crystal clear water for only $8.00!

Balut Challenge/Best Filipino Food in NYC?


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I should keep my mouth shut more often. One month ago, in my Little Manila video I made a bet with my audience that if I received more than 1,000 likes I would eat a balut (duck embyro). Almost 10,000 likes later, I had to honor my word. Thanks to Jeepney for sponsoring this, we showcase some of their hit Filipino Food as well! This is a vlog, you do not want to watch with an empty stomach.

Havana A Good Time in Cuba 2017?


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Come explore the Cuban capital city of Havana! We travel around the charming district of Vedado ,ride in collective taxis, eat at cheap restaurants, and find some amazing salsa music. This is the final vlog in my four-part American in Cuba series. Leave any questions about Cuba Travel below.

Best Travel Vloggers of 2017 List!!

I’m pleased to announce that Here Be Barr was placed on a list of Best Travel Vloggers for 2017. The official list is here, and I know at least 25% of the other vloggers on it. They are all really great and you should check out thier channels as well. The article can be found here :

Best Travel Vloggers of 2017


Best Beach in Cuba?

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Where is the best beach in Cuba? I explore a little known place named Playa Maria Aguilar just outside of Trinidad. The sunset was incredible and worth watching this video for alone. This is the third of our four-part American in Cuba vlog series! Hope you enjoy.

Little Manila- The Filipino Neighborhood of NYC!


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This week we explore Little Manila, the Filipino neighborhood of New York City. It’s quite an adventure, as the locals know how to make great food! Come find out, why this is one of New York City’s hidden gems!